Brown Estate Library members enjoying an intimate March release event at the winery
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In our tasting room in the eastern hills of the Napa Valley – where each year we see many intrepid wine enthusiasts, from eager newbies to seasoned connoisseurs – our golden rule is Wine should not be stressful. In order to discover the world of wine, you need only follow your palate.

Toward facilitating this glorious process of exploration and discovery, we offer three levels of Brown Estate membership to suit your lifestyle. At each level you will have the opportunity to sample all of the wines we produce each year, and when production permits, you will be able to purchase more of your favorites.

We consider wine an elixir of social engagement, and we hope your membership in Brown Estate will enhance your recreational rituals both at home with family and friends and at the winery when you come to visit us. Our wines are meant to be opened and shared, and our membership programs are designed to encourage the kinds of communal experiences that lead to lasting memories.

Below are brief descriptions of each of our club levels. To learn more, click any of these links or phone our Wine Club Manager, Susan Terracciano, at 707.266.3061.

CALIFORNIA CLUB | Open – Click Here »

  • CA ship-to address required
  • 2 bottles per month
  • ~$100 / month + tax & shipping
  • 10% off all wine purchases
  • $10 shipping if to business address

ESTATE CLUB | Open – Click Here »

  • Equivalent of 4 bottles per quarter
  • ~$200 / quarter + tax & shipping
  • 10% off all wine purchases

LIBRARY CLUB | Wait List – Click Here »

  • 12 bottles each in Spring + Fall
  • 2 Holiday Magnums + 4 bottles in December
  • ~$500 / allocation + tax & shipping
  • 15% off all wine purchases